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Det Micah Flick Memorial Bracelet 7" Size
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Det Micah Flick Memorial Bracelet 7" Size

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Proceeds of $2640 will be presented to the Flick family
from sales of 264 bracelets which were sold through March 9.
This was arranged by Deputy Daniel Chase, who will present the funds.

$50 in proceeds from sales March 9-14 will go directly to
Deputy Scott Stone, to help him in his recovery.

Funds are no longer being collected for donation.

Photo not yet available.

Bracelet comes bent.

7" x 5/8" Black Aluminum Bracelet
Etched text
Blue etched line

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
End of Watch: February 5, 2018

With inside etching: Molon Labe

Also available in Small 6" size
Go to Flick Black Aluminum 6" Memorial Bracelet

found in
Law Enforcement - Blue Line Bracelets

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