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Det Micah Flick Memorial Bracelet 7" Size
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Det Micah Flick Memorial Bracelet 7" Size

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Proceeds of $2640 were presented to the Flick family
from sales of 264 bracelets which were sold through March 9, 2018.
This was arranged by Deputy Daniel Chase, who presented the funds.

$50 in proceeds from sales March 9-14 went directly to
Deputy Scott Stone, to help him in his recovery.

Funds are no longer being collected for donation.

Photo not yet available.

Bracelet comes bent.

7" x 5/8" Black Aluminum Bracelet
Etched text
Blue etched line

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
End of Watch: February 5, 2018

With inside etching: Molon Labe

Also available in Small 6" size
Go to Flick Black Aluminum 6" Memorial Bracelet

found in
Law Enforcement - Blue Line Bracelets

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